A Somatic Approach for Embodying Nonviolent Communication

Tuesday, April 07, 2020
05:00 pm
Sunday, April 12, 2020
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3:00 pm
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35.0 hours
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Espace Rivoire

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General NVC
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David's body awareness practices integrated with Nonviolent Communication’s brilliant linguistic skills bring our deep caring nature into the foreground of living. In this 5 day intensive, you will explore the practice of NVC as a whole-body/mind, somatic, life long art. 
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At the heart of this course are simple yet deep practices for listening empathically through tough conversations, finding common ground and speaking your truth with power and compassion.

This work is deeply moving as it gently attunes us to the signals of our bodies and a present, direct, immediate experience of the life we are living. This is where we come face to face with the history we carry, our deeper selves, our greatest gifts, and the motivation to heal past trauma in order to develop new, more skillful, inclusive responses to life's challenges. 

•    Manage mood and emotion in stressful times that support connection.
•    Reclaim our empathic faculties to stand firmly on common ground.
•    Align what we deeply value with our choices, words and actions. 
•    Develop NVC as a whole-body/mind, lifelong art and discipline.

These skills are valuable for anyone who wants to deepen the quality of their relationships, cultivate respect for the sacred, create supportive communities and make changes, whether personal, social, political or environmental.  

Such learning is accelerated when we do it together!


David Weinstock is an international trainer of Nonviolent Communication, a Somatic Coach, and author of “Becoming What You Need”: Practices for Embodying Nonviolent Communication”. He has brought his somatic approach to Nonviolent Communication and his own work Somatic Consensus to a wide audience in schools, prisons, organizations, and businesses around the world.

As a respected master goldsmith he helped to create Green Karat, an organization that tackles the environmental hazards of the gold industry by promoting recycled, post-consumer gold and stones. David is an Aikido instructor and co-founder of Peace Dojos International, an organization that works for peace and justice by means of community service and training for self-mastery distilled from the martial arts. All of David’s work – in particular his present organization, Liminal Somatics – is committed to developing our capacity to value what each of us brings to the circle, to reclaim community and value diversity for the sake of creating a nurturing world for generations to come. David and his wife Judith, along with 8 other families, co-founded an intentional community where they have raised their family since 1990.                   www.liminalsomatics.com


The price for your training is :

FULL rate: 650 €
REDUCED rate: between 350 € - 600 €
CONTRIBUTOR rate (suggested for professionals): > 650 €

If you are experiencing financial difficulties and wish to benefit from a reduced rate, we invite you to make it very clear to us about your situation in the place indicated in the registration form and to offer us the price which is right for you. give in relation to your financial possibilities.

If you have the financial flexibility and the momentum to support NVC Beyond Borders' vision, especially in the accessibility of NVC to the greatest number, you are welcome to give an amount higher than the full rate. Even 10 € more is already a precious little drop of water. The contributor rate is also the suggested rate for professionals (e.g. trainer, coach, therapist).


“What I experienced very powerfully is a sincerity of presence and embodiment of NVC consciousness. As many of us expressed, the quality of connection and the learning environment you created were deeply nurturing and supported us in living the practice.”

                                                                   –Lucy Leu, NVC Trainer and author of The NVC Workbook

These are seeds planted in my body that I believe will keep sprouting. It’s the practice of feeling NVC distinctions in the body–that’s where the integration occurs! ”                                                                                                                                       ~Kirsten Elfandahl, Executive Director of Freedom Project

 “These practices are a great way to help individuals in a community process deepen into their own sense of personal meaning and strength, for the benefit of the whole.”
                                                                                                           ~Chloe Brown, College Student