Aileen M. McKenna

Owner, Aileen's Oasis

Ottawa Ontario K2C 3P4

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My work involves creating an environment for healing and wellbeing in all aspects of our lives. Working with the tools developed by Marshall provides additional ways to live in peace and tranquility with increased satisfaction in all our relationships whether at home, in the office, in our neighbourhoods and with our international communities. 
During studies in Switzerland in the late 1980's our psychology instructor invited Marshall to offer a one-day workshop to the class.  How well I remember Marshall sitting in the library at Webster University with his guitar, and his jackal and giraffe puppets delighting this groups of international students with his work.  I knew that this work was revolutionary in its ability to bridge the differences between groups.  As I also had worked with Danaan Parry and his peacemaking model entitled Essential Peacemaking  Women and Men, I knew that I would take further steps to use this wonderful work in my personal life as well as my worklife.  Eventually, as in internal auditor with the Canadian government. I had occasion to use this with colleagues, however, have just recently realized that I needed more training, and that I was being called to become an instructor. 
Working as I do as a hands on energy healer using Quantum-Touch therapy in my practice, and teaching Quantum-Touch therapy, nationally and internationally, I have come to realize that Compassionate Communication needs to be a part of this practice, both from an instruction perspective as well as in my practice with individuals. 


I have been working with this mission for many years, and continue to add tools to the work that I do and to the way to reach those who will be attracted to the environment created at Aileen's Oasis.


My mission is to create that peaceful environment where everyone can find that peace and harmony within themselves that can be reflected outwards into the greater world.


I imagine a world where all being live in peace and harmony, high level wellness with joy and optimism in all aspects of their lives.