Brian Hopper

Licensed Psychologist

106 E 3rd St Suite 5B
Moscow, ID 83843
United States

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United States
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Brian Hopper leads a life providing space for every emotion to arise and time to observe each of them with genuine empathy, not only for self but also with his fellow earth-trotters/dwellers.

In order to bring more training to his innate nature of empathy, he is enrolled as a Trainer Candidate with the Center for Nonviolent Communication. Brian focuses on developing compassion-based healing experiences for individuals, couples, families and communities.

Brian has worked as a licensed psychologist since 2005. He has worked mostly with young adults in higher education who experience a variety of pain and suffering in the process of trying to actualize their dreams. When Nonviolent Communication found him in 2014, he quickly became convinced it is the clearest process for helping people give and receive empathy.

Brian enjoys immersion in Family HEART Camps because of the opportunities for us to encounter each other compassionately in nature. He has a strong belief in our need for community and connection as while being in touch with the earth.